Monday, 16 May 2016

For and Against

Last week while at group we were given a piece of paper about writing a for and against list for loosing weight.  Never really bothering with anything like that before, I did the usual and put it in my member pack to get lost in the abyss of other information and books! 

I realised this afternoon that it was about time I started a for and against list.  I am focused but I think that this would help me along the way and keep me focused if I loose track.

There were more FOR points but one AGAINST point was going over and over in head.


We all have them items in our wardrobes, the ones that we used to wear which are now too big.  the ones that 'I'll keep just in case I put the weight back on'.  Why the heck am I keeping them?  This journey is for the long haul.  It's not something I'm going to grow tired of.  I NEEDED to rectify this.

So two hours I spent this afternoon trying on every single piece of clothing I own.  There were many items with tags still on, just shows how much I need them!

I now have three bags for the charity shop.  The FOR points for me sorting through my clothes are:
- the temptation to loose focus is gone as now the only clothes I own are the ones that currently fit me
- my three bags will go on to be sold to raise money for a worthy cause

I'm pleased with my productive afternoon. Now, how long is it going to be before I have some more bags for the charity shop?!

M x

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