Monday, 9 January 2017

Picture to keep me going through January

Each month I will select a picture to be my 'monthly motivation mascot'.  It will be anything from a before & after picture to an inspirational quote.

This month I've selected a before and after picture.  The left hand picture was taken about 3 years ago, I cringe every time I see myself like this.  I don't want to be that girl again.  The right hand side was this Christmas.  My confidence in clothes has catapulted some what over the last few months.  I would never in my life have worn a dress on a night out, let alone a bodycon dress.  I was the one who would hide behind baggy tops and trousers.  

This picture makes me smile as they are both similar poses so I can see the full amount that I have lost.  

M x

New Year, New's all bollocks!

As usual I can never keep up with expressing myself on a blog.  It's been a busy few months and a lot of changes in my life have happened.  Life has happened!

Firstly, I finally got something off my chest that has been chewing me up for months, it had been getting me down and it was affecting every part of me, mentally and physically.  I finally admitted to myself that uni and studying was a bit to much for me.  Struggling with the content of the course, deadlines and fitting in my employment was all becoming too much.  It was also affected my weight loss journey.  So, to improve myself I knew what I needed to do, I needed to withdraw from my studies.  And I can now say that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I haven't felt this good in a long while.

With the decision made, I can now get back to main focus of my journey.  All my hard work that I had put into the 3.5 stone loss had started to unravel and since October 1 stone had crept back on. 

Time to get back on it and shift that stone plus all that I need to achieve my PAT.

So getting onto the title of this post 'New Year, New Me'.  I always set a NY resolution of 'to loose weight' or 'to get to my target' AND I always fail.  The saying 'New Year, New Me' is a resolution in itself.  So therefore, after researching (yes I research statistics for NY resolutions) it's a load of bollocks really.  Out of 1273 people who filled in an online survey of for this years resolutions, 27.3% of people who responded had set a goal to loose weight.  But, based on questions about previous goals made, it is clear that the majority don't see their goal through the coming months!  If you want to make changes, take that positive attitude you have when you wake up on NYD and make something more realistic that you can adapt into your lifestyle to make the change, that way this NY you will see a new you.

I've not set any resolutions this year, I'm just going to carry on my journey from last year and make changes so that I will get to my target before the end of December.  Focusing on what I have achieved already is going to motivate me to carry on.  I am not going to look forward to the future and see me at my PAT, I will fail if I do, instead I am going to remind myself by sharing on here, my Instagram and on my SW group FB page what I am achieving.

Happy New Year everyone

M x

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Battle Plan

So, I have reached my interim goal of 3 stone lighter for my friends wedding.....what can I set next?!  I know, it's my 30th birthday in March, I WANT my target for then!

I've never wanted it as badly as I do now that I've got my mind set.  To achieve my target I have devised a strategy.......


I set my PAT with my Slimming World consultant the other week and have worked out how many lbs I need to loose each week.  I've drawn up a sheet to document my weight loss and set myself some rules.  One being join the gym, which I did last Thursday.

The anxiety of joining a gym when you're a big girl is awful, toying with the idea for ages, I finally bit the bullet and do you know what, it's not as bad as I thought.  My friend is a fitness instructor there and she has set me off on a programme and I've been 3 times already this week and I pushed myself to go for a swim after.

A long term goal is just what I needed.  And to add to that goal, with it being the big 30 and I never do anything for my birthday, I decided on a BIG night out somewhere different than my local town 😀 

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

M x

A First....

So I share my journey constantly on my Instagram and decided to set up an account solely for my journey, didn't want to clog my personal followers with all my foodie pics, I know some people the that! 

It was this afternoon that I had an urge to post a recent before and after picture to my Facebook.  I'm always sceptical about doing it because I don't want people to think I'm blowing my own trumpet, but do you what, I don't care!!  I'm bloody proud of how far I've come.  I have never got this far on any of my attempts before.  Why not share and be proud 😁

I'm glad I did, the comments I have received have left me feeling overwhelmed and have really spurred me on to reach my goal (see my other post!) 

Weigh day tomorrow, hope the scales are kind, done way more exercise that normal!

M x

Monday, 16 May 2016

Getting back on track

While recovering from my operation last week I found that I had lost my appetite.  Eating on minimal food, which was mostly toast and soup, and the fact that I was still quite swollen, I knew that Thursday weigh day may have been a gain.  A 5lb gain! 

My appetite is back now but I'm finding that I can only eat little amounts.  With this in mind I knew snacky bits were needed.  I spent Saturday and Sunday making mini quiches, a quiche loaf, scotch eggs (recipe from my lovely friend) and soup.

The scotch eggs are to die for, and completely free!  To make you need 4 hard boiled eggs and 6 Linda McCartney Rosemary & Red Onion sausages.  Defrost the sausages and then squash them up.  You need approx. 1 and a 1/2 sausages to one egg.  Spray the wrapped eggs with fry light and bake in the oven.  They're a quick and easy snack to keep in the fridge and packed with protein.

Soup is always a good call, even with the lovely weather we've been having lately!  I had planned on making sprout soup but had a pack of leeks to use up.  I cheat and use a soup maker as it does everything for you.  I put in the leeks, sprouts, ham and a stock pot (a lot more flavoursome than a normal Oxo cube!).  Once it had cooked and pureed I added some extra ham to add a bit of bite.  Was really tasty :-)

Let's hope the scales will be kind to me this week, the swelling has gone down now, so I just need to concentrate on the Food Optimising then all will be good.

M x

Happiness is....

On our groups FB page our amazing consultant posted a thread asking people to finish of the sentence 'HAPPINESS IS...' with you SW journey in mind.

My response....'Knowing how far I've come and what my journey has in store'.

I love reading threads like this as people are natural with their answers and they come from the heart.  There are some wonderful replies that really put a smile on my face.

My response is not the only reason why my SW journey makes me happy, there are many reasons.

- 'knowing that my family and friends support me in 100% on my journey'
- 'seeing the reaction I get when I see people who I haven't seen in a long while, that reaction spurs me on to succeed'
- 'sharing my journey with people that maybe struggling.  I was that person struggling once and I love the fact that I maybe helping somebody realise the potential they have'
- 'my SW family.  Fair enough I go to get weighed but group is so much more than that.  It's a chance to get tips, ideas and most of all support other members.  I love my group'
- 'knowing I have the support from my consultant.  Any time of day or night, drop her a text and she will reply. Expressing words in the right way, whether it be a well done or them non-judgemental replies, she is that rock that holds our group together'

Honestly, the list could go on and on and on!!!

Hope you're all having an amazing day

M x

For and Against

Last week while at group we were given a piece of paper about writing a for and against list for loosing weight.  Never really bothering with anything like that before, I did the usual and put it in my member pack to get lost in the abyss of other information and books! 

I realised this afternoon that it was about time I started a for and against list.  I am focused but I think that this would help me along the way and keep me focused if I loose track.

There were more FOR points but one AGAINST point was going over and over in head.


We all have them items in our wardrobes, the ones that we used to wear which are now too big.  the ones that 'I'll keep just in case I put the weight back on'.  Why the heck am I keeping them?  This journey is for the long haul.  It's not something I'm going to grow tired of.  I NEEDED to rectify this.

So two hours I spent this afternoon trying on every single piece of clothing I own.  There were many items with tags still on, just shows how much I need them!

I now have three bags for the charity shop.  The FOR points for me sorting through my clothes are:
- the temptation to loose focus is gone as now the only clothes I own are the ones that currently fit me
- my three bags will go on to be sold to raise money for a worthy cause

I'm pleased with my productive afternoon. Now, how long is it going to be before I have some more bags for the charity shop?!

M x