Thursday, 28 April 2016

Weigh day......good or bad?!

Weigh day blues always get me!  Thursday's tend to be the same eating wise, I'll have breakfast and then I usually save myself for a good dinner after I've stepped on the scales.  I know it's bad not to eat through the day and I need to stop it but psychologically I think to myself that whatever I eat will lay heavy and weigh more!

Anyway, got weighed this afternoon and I lost 2lbs 😀. Really happy with that as my water intake could have been better and I had a couple of social evening this week.

So the new week begins and meal planning will be taking place this evening.  The key to my journey, other than something to focus on for a goal is to PLAN PLAN PLAN.  I keep a food diary every day and at the opposite end of the notebook I plan 21 meals and write a shopping list for that week.

Here's to a great week

M x

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